Q: What is Melioidosis?

Melioidosis (or Nightcliff Gardener's disease) is a disease caused by bacteria in the soil, particularly prevalent in Darwin's northern suburbs, which can kill. The NT WorkSafe website provides details of the disease and tips on prevention for people such as plumbers who work in wet soil conditions.

Q: Where can I get a copy of AS/NZS 3500 and what does it cost?

The Code can be purchased from the Master Builders Association, cnr Winnellie Road and Hickman Street,  telephone (08) 8922 9666. The complete printed set costs approximately $1,300. There are various other options available online via the SAI Global InfoStore at a lower cost.

Q: Where can I get a copy of the Septic Tank Code of Practice

You can get a printed copy from the Master Builders Association (formerly TCA), cnr Winnellie Road & Hickman Street. Telephone: 8922 9666, or you can download it from the Health department's website.

Q: What can a Journeyman do?

A Journeyman can work for an Advanced Tradesman and supervise apprentices. He can not contract for work himself.

Q: What can an Advanced Tradesman do?

He can supervise Journeymen and contract for work in his own right. He can not certify or sign off work - his own or other people's.

Q: Who can certify work?

Someone who is registered as a certifying plumber with the Building Practitioners Board.

Q: How do I become a certifying plumber?

After obtaining your Advanced Tradesman’s licence, contact the Building Practitioners Board for details.

Q: When is the next Backflow Prevention course?

Charles Darwin University runs these courses in Darwin and Alice Springs. For information on dates and to book a place, call CDU on 8946 7189.

Q: When is the next Hot Water Temperature Control course?

Charles Darwin University runs these courses in Darwin and Alice Springs. For information on dates and to book a place, call CDU on 8946 7189.

Q: What happens when I've done one of these courses?

You will get a certificate of completion from the University. If you send a copy of this to the Registrar, she will issue you with a new card with an endorsement.

Q: What do I need to upgrade from Journeyman to Advanced Tradesman?

From 1 August 2010 you must hold a Journeyman registration, have 2 years working experience in plumbing/draining gained while holding a Journeyman registration and complete 10 units of competency. For full details see the licensing page of this site or the application form.

Q: I have a plumbing licence in another state, can I work in the NT?

You need to have an NT licence to work in the NT.  If you have a current licence in another state, you can apply for the equivalent NT licence under Mutual Recognition.  Under Mutual Recognition, you are allowed to work from the time you lodge a complete application and the Board can only refuse your licence if the information you provide is found to be wrong or there is no equivalent category. You will find an application form on the forms page of this site.

Q: How do I apply for a licence under Mutual Recognition?

Complete the form called Application for Mutual Recognition Licensing and send it, with the required information, photo, fee etc to the address shown on the form. The Board will issue you with the NT equivalent of your interstate card.

Q: How do I know what the equivalent of my licence is?

Visit the  COAG website. Just look for your interstate licence, then find the NT equivalent.

Q: What if my interstate card is no longer current?

You need to lodge a full application. If you have a Certificate of Reciprocity from the state where you did your training, you should put a copy of this with your application form. If you do not have a Certificate of Reciprocity, you will need to provide documentation showing that you completed an apprenticeship and passed your exams.

Q: If I am doing bathroom renovations, do I need a building permit?

Please refer to Building Advisory Committee Policy BAC/2005/6 Wet Areas and Building Advisory Services' fact sheets for information relating to certification by a building certifier and/or a certifying plumber when working in 'wet areas'.

Q: Who needs to be licensed or registered?

According to NT legislation, any person intending to do plumbing or draining work in the NT needs a Northern Territory licence or registration. Apprentices should apply for their Journeyman registration as soon as they finish their apprenticeship.

Q: When should I apply for a licence or registration?

As soon as you finish your training, you should apply for a Journeyman registration. If you have arrived in the NT from interstate, you should apply for a licence or registration before starting work here. Use the mutual recognition application form.

Q: How do I apply for a licence or registration?

Get an application form from the office of the Plumbers and Drainers Licensing Board or download it from the forms page of this site. Fill in the form, attach everything listed on the form and forward it to the Registrar at the address shown. Licence applications are normally processed in 7-10 days unless further information is needed. If you are applying under Mutual Recognition, you may start work as soon as you have lodged an application.

Q: Where can I get a Gas Fitters Licence?

To be a gas fitter in the NT you will need to apply for a dangerous goods licence from NT WorkSafe.