Board Publications

Title Content File/size
Are you a licensed Plumber/Drainer Who needs to be registered/licensed PDF 100 KB
Skills Maintenance for Plumbers Requirements to maintain your licence PDF 91 KB
Non Compliant Tapware How to recognise compliant materials PDF 76 KB

Board Information Sheets

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Newsletter 15, July 2016
Overseas Trained Applicants, Change in Policy, Employer Responsibility PDF 238 KB
Newsletter 14, March 2015 Board Membership, Use of Licence Number in Advertising Material, Blue Line Pipe, Overseas Trained Applicants, Offset Pan Collars, S.40 Certificates PDF 379 KB
Newsletter 13, October 2014 Melioidosis, Health Department Wastewater Management, Use of Offset Pan Collars, S.40 Certificates PDF 362 KB
Newsletter 12, November 2013 Obtaining Journeyman Registration, Interstate Licences, CDU & Gordon Institute PDF 633 KB
Newsletter 11, November 2013 Mandatory inspections, melioidosis, info sessions Darwin & Alice  PDF 138 KB
Newsletter 10, June 2013 Registration PDF 496 KB
Newsletter 9, March 2013 How do you become a plumber/drainer in the NT? PDF 95 KB
Newsletter 8, November 2011 Registration/Licensing for overseas trained plumbers/drainers PDF 96 KB
Newsletter 7, May 2011 Need to renew on time, Waste water treatment systems, Board membership PDF 111 KB
Newsletter 6, September 2010 New licence requirements, Renewals, Mandatory Inspections, Melioidosis, Renewal notices PDF 837 KB 
Newsletter 5, March 2009 Melioidosis, Alice Springs forum, changes to study requirements, overseas applicants, wastewater systems PDF 524 KB
Newsletter 4, October 2008 Mandatory inspection (start work notice, apprentice to journeyman, compliant parts & materials PDF 125 KB
Newsletter 3, June 2008 Mutual Recognition, renewals, bathroom renovations, gas licence contacts. PDF 103 KB
Newsletter 2, March 2008 Renewals, working unlicensed, photos, upgrading to licence, self-certification, wet areas. PDF 67 KB
Newsletter 1, August 2007 New forms, bathroom renovations, website changes. PDF 119 KB

Power & Water Publications

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Danger in the Water Pipe Safety Alerts PDF 1.7 KB
Connection Code Bulletin 2008 - 5 Non-Potable Water Systems - Concerns & Responsibilities PDF 80 KB
Blockage Reimbursement Process Info from PAWA July 2007. PDF 617 KB

Health Department Publications

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On-site Waste Water Management Information & Code of Practice n/a
Environmental Health Fact Sheet 510 Admin Procedures for approval of septic tank systems outside building control areas PDF 53 KB
Environmental Health Fact Sheet 509 Admin Procedures for self-certification of conventional septic tank systems PDF 52 KB
Environmental Health Fact Sheet 508 Land Capability Assessments PDF 96 KB

Victorian Plumbing Industry Commission

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Technical Solution Sheets Backflow prevention, drainage, gas installations, mechanical services, recycled water, roofing & stormwater, sanitary, septic tanks, hot & cold water. various