Pathways to Registration as a Journeyman Plumber & Drainer in the Northern Territory.


Licence categories vary from state to state.

The NT Plumbers and Drainers Licensing Act only allows the Plumbers and Drainers Licensing Board to license applicants in the categories of Plumbing (requires both Water Supply and Sanitary) and Draining. The Board cannot issue licences in roof plumbing or mechanical services as these categories do not exist in the NT, or gas fitting which is covered by NT WorkSafe.

You can only obtain registration as a Journeyman in the NT if you have completed an apprenticeship in Plumbing & Draining, which includes completion of the competencies required for a Certificate III in Plumbing, from the Plumbing & Services Training Package, or your overseas qualification is deemed to be equivalent.

According to the NT Department of Business policy on apprenticeships, only the following are eligible for apprenticeships in the NT:

Apprenticeship training for Plumbers & Drainers is provided in the NT by Charles Darwin University (CDU).

Applicants with qualifications gained overseas have different requirements, depending on their country of origin.

1. Australian Citizens, Permanent Residents and Holders of Appropriate Visas

May complete an apprenticeship – including mature age apprenticeship

On completion: Eligible for Journeyman registration as a Plumber and Drainer.

2. People who have trained Overseas

A. Migrants from the UK, Philippines, India, Sri Lanka and South Africa

Under a Federal Government agreement, migrants from these countries will be assessed by Vetassess in their own country as part of the migration process. Assessment is against the Certificate III in Plumbing, from the Plumbing & Services Training Package and results in the issue of an “Offshore Technical Skills Record” (OTSR) which lists the units of competency achieved.

On arrival in the NT, migrants must apply for provisional registration for 12 months to allow completion of the outstanding competencies during an apprenticeship.

On completion: Eligible for Journeyman registration as a Plumber and Drainer.

B. Others (eg working holiday, 457 visa holders)

Assessed by Charles Darwin University against the Certificate III in Plumbing, from the Plumbing and Services Training Package.

(Fees apply. Contact Charles Darwin University for details).

On completion:

If successful: Eligible for Journeyman registration as a plumber and drainer.

If unsuccessful: Not eligible for Journeyman registration or apprenticeship


Assessment provided by CDU may be used by an employer to support an application to the Department of Immigration and Border Protection to sponsor the applicant for migration/residency. On approval, applicant will be eligible for an apprenticeship to complete outstanding competencies for Certificate III.

Upgrade to Advanced Tradesman

Once registered, all Journeymen are subject to the same requirements for upgrading to an Advanced Tradesman’s licence.  Requirements are listed on the licensing page of this site.

Further Information

The links page of this website provides links to other websites with useful information, including the Immigration department (trade licence matrix), COAG (Equivalent licences in other Australian states), Department of Business (eligibility for apprentices) and NT WorkSafe (dangerous goods licences).