Application Forms

Information for applicants

Each application form lists the information you need to provide for that category. All applicants must pay the required fee and provide a photograph which will appear on the registration/licence card.

In addition, you will require some or all of the following:

The codes can be purchased from the Master Builders Association NT or online via the SAI Global InfoStore.

If you have any questions about the requirements, please email before submitting your application.

Information for people intending to move from one Australian state to another

If you are currently registered/licensed elsewhere in Australia, you can apply for an Northern Territory (NT) licence / registration under mutual recognition and you will be issued with the NT equivalent of your licence. For further information, read the attached information sheet PDF (131.0 KB). To apply use the mutual recognition application form provided below.

If you have a current NT registration / licence card you can apply for the equivalent in other states. However, this will be issued only in the categories of plumbing and draining. For further information, read the information sheet PDF (72.2 KB).

To check the equivalent of your licence visit the Department of Education, Skills and Employment website.

Information for people Intending to travel between Australia and New Zealand

The mutual recognition principle applies between Australia and New Zealand in the same way that it applies for people moving from Australian state to another. If you are moving from New Zealand to the NT, complete the mutual recognition application form provided below. If you are moving from the NT to New Zealand, visit the NZ Plumbers Gasfitters and Drainlayers Board website for further information.

Application forms

Important: The Board will not process your application until you have supplied all the information requested on the application form.

Application form Application fee
Mutual recognition PDF (182.7 KB) $87 - advanced tradesman
$43 - journeyman
Renewal PDF (208.1 KB) $87 - advanced tradesman
$43 - journeyman
Journeyman registration PDF (199.1 KB) $43
Advanced tradesman licence PDF (203.3 KB) $87
Journeyman registration - conditional PDF (174.3 KB)
For overseas trained applicants
Upgrade to journeyman registration PDF (204.3 KB)
For holders of conditional journeyman registration
Issue copy of registration or licence card PDF (173.4 KB) $13